Invitation - why?

To make sure that the students of your study course stay private, only users can get access who have been invited by already existing users. For this a username has to be invited. That username can then be registered for some time before it times out.

How can I get invited?

If DocsDocs is already used in your study course, just ask someone to invite your desired username. If DocsDocs is not available in your study course so far, please write an Email to the DocsDocs Team, we will take care of it. As soon as your are invited, you can register.

How can I invite others?

To invite others, you login and then click on 'Invite' in the menu.
Then you enter the username that the person desires, and thats it.
Before inviting, please think about if the person can behave properly on the platform.
You should generally only invite students of your study course.
Other people may not be invited.